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October 19, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Schrödinger’s Immigrant, via Ingrid SrinathSchrodingers Immigrant

Could the Jaded Aid satirical cardgame help reform the aid industry? Or is it just the perfect Xmas pressie for jaundiced aid workers?

Poverty is falling faster among Africa’s rising number of female headed households (which are now up to 26% of the total), but we don’t really know why

malaria deathsGood news on Malaria deaths. Now down to 450,000 per year. Could it be wiped out altogether?

Migrant remittances are nearly as important as Foreign Direct Investment in generating economic growth in developing countries. And both are more important than aid. Important number crunching

Call to action on neglected aspect of development: shocking photos of the treatment of mental illness in Bangladesh

Stephen Hawking says inequality is the result of political choices, not techno-inevitability

John Twigg’s Revised Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Good Practice Review is now available for free download and comes with a cool 4m video


October 19, 2015
Duncan Green