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February 6, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

When to (not) ask a question. Thanks Makarand for this great addition to last week’s top tips for seminars

‘NIMBYism is just the lefty-approved version of a border wall.’ Bit of gentle cage-rattling in this thoughtful interview with Oxfam America Director of Campaigns Ben Grossman Cohen

Yes, British arms are killing innocent civilians in Yemen. Why is the UK government ignoring this terrible reality? Martin Butcher upsums new Oxfam report

Inside Villa Somalia: 72 hours with the president of ‘the most dangerous country in the world’ ht Tobias Denskus

Practice what you preach? Britain has slumped to its lowest-ever score in Transparency International’s global Corruption Perceptions Index.

Respectfully, I am in tears. Time to up your no-show excuses game. ht Jess Crombie

February 6, 2023
Duncan Green


  1. Good flow chart … except for filling in an embarrassing silence. It’s an awful feeling, so I often ask a question/make a comment/tell a joke, even if it’s daft.

    This is where older listeners should take the lead, since they should be more confident and less self-conscious.

    So in that spirit:
    An old story (I think it’s true): A PhD student had given his first seminar and was very nervous. A feared prof asked the first question, which the student didn’t really understand, so he answered “Yes”.

    Prof: “Yes … what?”
    Student: “Yes … Sir?”

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