Corona Cartoon Competition – Vote Now!

May 1, 2020

     By Maria Faciolince     

It’s Friday and weeks in lockdown can be loooong. Time for some fun. We had a lot of it with last month’s Coronavision Song Contest (Bobi Wine just about won that one, thanks to all his Ugandan fans), so to accompany Pablo Suarez’ piece today on the use of humour, it’s time for …[drum roll]… the Corona-Cartoon Competition!

Here’s a selection of some of our favourites in 3 categories – get voting people.

Category 1: Lockdown/Working From Home

1. No-one knows you smell. Credit: Matilda Borgstrom

2. Lockdown. Credit: Zapiro

3. Zoom Last Supper. Credit: unknown (Twittersphere)

4. Meetings. Credit: Ellis Rosen

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Category 2: Injustice and Politics

1. Climate Change. Credit: Raf Schoenmaekers

2. Preexisting Conditions. Credit Zapiro

3. 500 years of social distancing. Credit: Benett

Text reads: “Social distancing: 500 years”

4. In Nepal, the government is fighting Social Media, not the Virus. Credit: KC

5. Status Quo. Credit: P.C. Vey

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Category 3: Random Funny

1. Millennials: Credit: Unknown (found here)

2. Turn it Off and Turn it On Again. Credit: Shannon Wheeler

3. Van Gogh Facemask. Credit: Unknown (Twittersphere)

4. Disdain and Superiority. Credit: Matilda Borgstrom

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A (virtual) Case of Corona (the beer, not the virus) to the winners……

May 1, 2020
Maria Faciolince