A Song for Davos: your chance to vote on best song on inequality

January 18, 2017

     By Duncan Green     

Twitter definitely beats work. On Monday, Oxfam’s Max Lawson kicked off a discussion on the best song about economic inequality, which got enough candidates for an impromptu ‘Song for Davos’ competition – check these out and vote.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fortunate Son [Max Lawson]

Bob Marley, Them Belly Full [me, with post on Marley v IMF]


Motorhead, Eat the Rich [Phil Evans]

Juliani (Kenyan rapper, more here), Utawala [Jenny Ricks]

UB40, 1 in 10 [Phil Evans]

Tracy Chapman: Mountains O’ Things [Max Lawson]

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Everything’s Raising but the Wages [Mark Furness]

Abba, Money Money Money [Max again]

Afraid I ruled out a couple of other suggestions because they weren’t strictly about economic inequality, were piss takes (sorry Spinal Tap) or were just bad. Anyway, there’s only so many Facebook ads any human being can bear.

So please vote for your favourite, and if you think I’ve missed a really good one suggest it in the comments because, who knows, we may do this in a more organized fashion for Davos 2018 – also, this lot feels pretty dated even to me, so can we have some more recent songs please?

Over to you – you’ve each got 3 votes

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January 18, 2017
Duncan Green