Yep, this is still FP2P, but with an upgrade

January 15, 2014

     By Duncan Green     

Welcome back. Sharp-eyed readers may have noted that the blog looks a bit different this morning. It’s time for an upgrade, in dog_blog_cartoonresponse to an accumulating backlog of glitches and the need to, you know, keep up with the times n tech. Blog masters Eddy Lambert and Ian Sullivan have worked their magic, and this is what they say about the redesign (I even understand some of it….):

‘We have beefed up the search function. We think it is much stronger, please let us know your thoughts. In terms of archived blogs, we have plans to revamp how these are shown on a separate page and that is something we are looking to roll out post-launch.

Images should appear much better on mobile devices and through RSS readers.

Many comments said they liked the one page approach. We did want to play with this though to see if it improved readership of other content. Therefore, we have gone for a new format which keeps the top post as a single piece and then has excerpts from a number of posts so people can browse and pick a post to engage with. It was felt that the old format meant blogs had a very short life span. The new format seeks to address this.

The font is larger and the spacing is improved to make reading easier, whatever your age.

PDFs are now easier to download – 1 click instead of 3 and there is a fantastic option to print or save the post you are reading as a PDF. This is a great new function.

Hyperlinks will open in a new tab.

Link structure has been changed.

Image handling has improved so images can be enlarged in the post.

We have put in a Greatest Hits – be good to get people’s thoughts on this.

You can now subscribe to get updates when new comments are posted on a thread.

There is an option for more Monty Python videos to keep hilarious middle aged men happy.’

Other stuff they forgot to mention. Twitter feed now goes direct to page (see right). New and weird photo – Dr Evil? Mad Eye Moody?

We would appreciate any feedback, glitches, further suggestions etc. Any abuse should be sent directly to Eddy and Ian, but copy me in so I can gloat.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

January 15, 2014
Duncan Green