Who reads this blog? Two years of blog stats and definitely time for a holiday

July 12, 2010

     By Duncan Green     

Google Analytics is dangerously addictive. You can see who’s visiting your blog, country by country, city by city and in real time. I have to ration myself or I’d be checking it every 5 minutes. Anyway, it turns out that I have now been writing this blog for two years. So here’s the verdict so far:

Number of posts: 445

Number of comments: 1322

Number of spam deleted (penis enlargement, viagra ads etc – let me know if you want me to let them through for your general amusement): 102, 069 (roughly 80 for every genuine comment, how depressing)

Number of visitors: 103, 523 (one per spam)

Average time per page: 3 minutes 16 seconds

Most popular posts:

How much is $700bn? (by miles – thanks for the plug, Huffpo)

Are dogs the real population problem on climate change?

Dambisa Moyo goes stellar – why? Some reviews by fellow Africans and others, including me

The backlash against microfinance

‘Moving Out of Poverty’: Outstanding new mega-study from the World Bank

Haiti Reconstruction: Two cheers (and one big boo) for Paul Collier’s plan

Number of countries and territories: 208 (I didn’t know there were that many)

Main countries by readers (click on the pie chart for %):

And the two remaining countries with no visits? Turkmenistan and Mauritania (what’s up with you guys? – talk to me. If you know someone who lives there, tell them to visit the blog and help me get the set.)

Number of words: 263,000 (I feel tired – that’s a couple of books’ worth)

Which words were those then? Check out the wordleFP2P wordle

And for those that missed it, here’s the result of the recent reader’s survey.

With that, and thanks in particular to Eddy Lambert and Richard King for their technical support, I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks. Back week beginning 19 July. See ya.

July 12, 2010
Duncan Green