Which of these 3 How Change Happens covers do you prefer? Vote now!

February 26, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Many years ago, around the time of the invention of the printing press, interweb, I worked in a small publisher and was given a ‘guide to handling authors’. One passage stayed with me – publishers should expect authors to throw a hissy fit when they first see roughs for the cover design. It’s their first chance to vent their anxieties and blame someone else for the book’s impending disaster. So when OUP showed me the roughs for How Change Happens, which now even has a webpage, I bit my tongue, smiled sweetly (very difficult combination, that) and suggested that, in the same way we invited comments on the draft text, we put the short-listed designs to the vote by you, the prospective readers.

So here are the 3 designs. Please vote for your favourite, and leave any suggestions for further improvements in the comments section. Needless to say the result is not binding, but it will be helpful.

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Over to you. Here are the three candidates:
Green visual 1
Green visual 2 Green visual 3



February 26, 2016
Duncan Green