What to Read on Copenhagen

December 10, 2009

     By Duncan Green     

OK, the Copenhagen climate summit is warming up nicely (even faster than the rest of the world), and I am trying to sift through the information overload. What on earth to read for those of us with limited time and not at the summit? I’ve been asking a few climate change guru chums and here’s a selection.


The official COP 15 news page gives you the (conference of the) party line

Columbia Journalism Review summarizes the media coverage

Mainstream Journalism

Richard Black at the BBC is excellent, knowledgeable and prolific

John Vidal at the Guardian got the media coverage going yesterday with a scoop on the so-called ‘Danish Text’ (no blog, but all the Guardian’s Copenhagen coverage is here)

The Financial Times energysource blog is comprehensive and signposts other media coverage

Independent blogs

Grist, a Seattle-based US environment blog

Mother Jones, for some venerable leftie US journalism

Alex Evans over at Global Dashboard, seems to think that everyone is wrong (except him, that is) – but he’s quite persuasive about it…. See for example his critique of John Vidal’s ‘overselling’ of the leaked Danish text

Environment and Development NGOs

ECO, a daily newsletter written by Climate Action Network.

ENB, a daily report of the proceedings prepared by the International Institute for
Sustainable Development

Oxfam’s climate change blog

And finally some light relief

The “Fossil of the Day Award” rewards governments or observers who performed
“best” at blocking progress at the climate negotiations (Canada, Croatia, Ukraine and Russia are the early winners – what is it about those pesky East Europeans?)

and a handy running total of what the current offers will do to global temperature rises, using the standard climate change models

Any other candidates?

December 10, 2009
Duncan Green