What I’m up to – podcasts, videos, speaking in UK, South Africa, US

March 5, 2013

     By Duncan Green     

We interrupt this blog for a brief commercial….. Been doing a lot of multimedia ranting recently, and have FP2P promo tours coming up in South Africa and the US, as well as UK. Here’s what I know is out there.

First up, I was subjected to a viva-like experience by Owen Barder, being grilled for an hour for his podcast Development Drums. The result is now out, either as an MP3 download, or as a transcript. Haven’t listened to it yet (there are limits, even to my self obsession), but I’ve heard good things about it and I certainly enjoyed it at the time – Owen had read the book carefully, and quickly got to the heart of some of the dilemmas it raises.

Then there’s been a spate of videos of different lengths. On Post2015, I’ve already linked to the IDS presentation, but there’s also a 3 minute pitch for schools. Filmed in a freezing Brixton cafe (so trendy it didn’t actually have a front wall), so I distracted myself by pulling silly faces. So of course they used it. Hey ho.

On the seemingly endless FP2P tour (c/o the hyperefficient Sarah Minty), here’s a typical presentation from last week at the University of East Anglia. IDS tomorrow, Sheffield on Thursday.

This weekend I’m off to South Africa. Details on Oxfam in South Africa’s Facebook page. Public events in Joburg (WITS Mind the Gap) and Cape Town (Stellenbosch).

Then at the end of April, it’s Boston (29 April-1 May), New York (2-3 May) and Washington DC (6-9 May). Various things confirmed, but some spaces still left, so if anyone is interested in hosting a lecture in those cities let me know.

Think that’s it – have I forgotten anything?

Update: And another – 3 minute talking head on development and justice, for UEA

March 5, 2013
Duncan Green