We (really) want to hear from you – so please take the FP2P reader survey

December 4, 2019

     By Maria Faciolince     

Dear readers/listeners,

Please tell us what you think about From Poverty to Power on our new reader survey. We would really appreciate you clicking on it! (Two minutes of your time once every few years is all we’re asking).

It’s particularly important because there have been a few changes this year – notably Maria Faciolince running the #PowerShifts project to highlight more work and ideas around ‘development’ coming from the Global South (running since April), and getting serious about podcasts (there’s some more to come, so your opinion will be invaluable). 

We’ll be reading all of your responses to get your feedback on the content in general, hear your own (bold/radical/funny/creative) ideas and continue to craft a more collaborative space for reflection and debate. 

So, please take the reader survey. 

Here’s the results of the last one from 2017, in case you’re interested. And please ignore Calvin – he is a bad person. 

Our best wishes (only for those who complete the survey) (just kidding) (but really),

Duncan and María

Featured image: ‘Everyone should have a megaphone’, CC licensed.

December 4, 2019
Maria Faciolince