Videos I liked: animated marxism; leadership and the dancing guy; adapting to climate change

July 30, 2010

     By Duncan Green     

OK, this week’s posts have been fairly demanding, so let’s relax a bit. I’ve been getting a pile of links to excellent youtubes and the like. If you’re in an open plan office like me, sticking on the headphones and watching videos during office hours can be a bit awkward (‘it’s work related, honest’), so either brave the disapproval or book yourself in for some weekend viewing…..

Check out the brilliant RSAnimate series of youtubes. When David Harvey gave a thought-provoking RSA lecture on a marxist approach to the economic crisis, he got 16,000 hits; since they got a brilliant animator to illustrate it, it’s gone to 390,000 and counting. It’s like a realtime version of the old Writers and Readers Beginners Guide series – I’ve still got Freud for Beginners on my shelves somewhere. The animators are amazing and available for hire. [h/t Richard King]

‘Leadership lessons from dancing guy’ : pure genius [h/t Richard Casson]

Hope in a changing climate – uplifting stuff from China, c/o the BBC [h/t Alex Evans]


and if you like that, get the rest of the programme here

Finally, more poor communities adapting to climate change, c/o Oxfam America [h/t John Magrath]

Other Oxfam America climate videos (on El Salvador, Ethiopia, Vietnam and the US Gulf Coast) here