Top Student blogs: Green to Go: The Better Way to Take Away

August 16, 2023

     By Duncan Green     

I’m posting some of the best work from this year’s LSE activism students this week. Here’s Martin Caforio ( if you want to see his full campaign strategy and/or offer him a job) introducing his campaign.

When you get a daily coffee, your local chain tells you the cup is “sustainable.” Recyclable plastic, compostable, responsibly sourced and produced. But even when you recycle it correctly, cafes and chains are forcing you to contribute to the more than 3 billion disposable cups wasted each year in the U.K. and the rising CO2 emissions related to this waste.

In fact, only 0.25% of all cups are recycled. That’s because most cups advertised as recyclable end up in a landfill due to coffee contamination, or because they actually have to be recycled in store. Not very “to go,” is it?

Now, when you pay for your monthly coffee subscription, part of that money goes towards each one of the 3+ billion paper cups used each year in the U.K. That increases you and your coffee shop’s carbon emissions, and slowly takes money from your wallet which would be better spent on a sweet pastry or tasty sandwich.

We think that if you go to your coffee shop each day with your own cup, you should pay less for your subscription. Not only would this save you money each month, but it would also drastically reduce the carbon footprint of your morning caffeine boost and help reduce landfill waste and the piles of paper and plastic on our streets.

Introducing Green to Go: a green, and cheaper, monthly subscription.

It’s easy to forget your cup, but through our proposed partnership with reusable cup brands, you would receive a slim, easily storable cup with your first month and it can become part of your daily Go Bag when you leave home each day!

With your help, we can make this Green to Go plan a reality: saving you money and the environment at the same time. Select the Green to Go plan below:

The more you use your subscription, the more money you save, the less carbon emitted, and the less water and timber used up on unnecessary waste:

We believe that regular, loyal customers like you can help coffee chains reduce their environmental impact. What’s not to love?

The solution is simple: help us tell coffee chains that what’s in your interest is also in theirs and introduce the Green to Go subscription by choosing the Green to Go plan.

August 16, 2023
Duncan Green


  1. I’ve been worried about poor waste disposal and the pollutants that the waste releases. Green to go will be a good place to start in terms of altering people’s attitudes about inappropriate garbage disposal. An innovative programmed called Green to Go tries to combat improper waste disposal by promoting eco-friendly substitutes. By making reusable containers available and enticing others to bring their own, you may lessen trash while simultaneously bringing attention to the negative impacts of pollutants discharged into the environment. We may anticipate a dramatic change in people’s attitudes towards waste disposal as a result of this programme, and a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

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