Time to Choose Your Favourite Coronavirus Songs. So far…..

March 31, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Sod it. I know these are horrible times for everyone out there, but the Covid-19 pandemic is producing some fine music videos, and anyway, Eurovision has been cancelled and we could probably all do with a laugh or some inspiration (or both), so please welcome Coronavision….

Firstly, when I tweeted and asked for people’s favourites, a number of you thought I meant ‘suitable soundtracks’, of which the Police, Don’t Stand So Close to Me, was the clear favourite. But I meant new stuff, and you came through with top suggestions from most continents, so here goes (in no particular order).

Two categories:

  • Category One: Public Safety Songs
  • Category Two: parodies/rewrites of famous tunes.

And I think we’ll have a vote – not as if we have much else to do, right? Over to you – let’s pick the corona-viral anthem (so far)……

Public Safety Songs

As a really terrible salsa dancer, I couldn’t sit still to this one from Cuban American musician Yendrys Cespedes: (ht Jonathan Fox):

Then there’s a much poppier version from Vietnam (ht half the world):

From Sierra Leone, Africa Best Rappers (ABR) ht Erin Polich:

Lastly, this Corona Virus Alert by Bobi Wine from Uganda:

Update: Bobi Wine just put the link on Facebook, and he has a lot of followers. Could explain why he now has 99.1% of 8500 votes…. In 12 years, the blog has never traffic like this. Thanks Your Excellency, but could you possibly ask your followers to stop leaving comments? I’m spending most of my time approving them on WordPress! The vote on Category Two is much closer, btw.

Update to the Update: So it seems the person behind the amazing turnout for Bobi Wine was not the man himself (sorry, got that wrong – thanks Menya for setting me straight) but one of his biggest fans, Facebook Blogger Ashburg Katto (Bobi even visited him at the police station during a recent arrest). Thanks for the plug Ashburg, but there’s something we’d better clear up. Despite what you said on Facebook, the winning entry is not ‘going to be the official WHO soundtrack for sensitizing about sanitizing’. Sorry!

Category Two: Parodies/Rewrites of the Famous

Adele gets the treatment from Chris Mann (ht Erin Polich again):

Daniel Matarazzo goes all Mary Poppins – superb musicianship; great lyrics:

Coronavirus Rhapsody has wonderful lyrics by Dana Jay Bein. Various people have put it to music, but this one’s my favourite (gets closest to the original):


Kathy Makattack got in early with this parody of Natalie Imbruglia:

Featured Image: Detroit rapper Gmac Cash disinfects everything—and everyone—in sight in his “Coronavirus” music video. (Gmac Cash/YouTube)

March 31, 2020
Duncan Green