This blog is getting a facelift – what would you like to change/keep the same?

November 26, 2013

     By Duncan Green     

Dear FP2P readers


Our IT guys tell me it’s time for a makeover, (sadly, only for the blog, not for me). So I’m asking for suggestions. What aspects of this blog’s format (not Faceliftcontent – that’s a separate discussion) do you find useful and want to keep unchanged, and what do you find really annoying/ want to add/change?

So far, we are planning to:

– add a print button for oldies like me who prefer to print stuff out

– make the site more mobile friendly

– have posts on separate pages rather then running down the page

Plus any thoughts about displaying the archive. Would you use a Greatest Hits option – most viewed or most commented? Do you want to see the most recent videos?

And more generally, if you have some blog that strikes you as a good model for us to copy, send us the link.

Over to you. Some sort of dodgy prize for the most useful response…….

How often do people search for older posts – why =do they search for them? – give us some ideas about how to display older posts
November 26, 2013
Duncan Green