The State of World Hunger in Graphs

March 3, 2010

     By Duncan Green     

This from the FAO’s ‘State of Food Insecurity in the World 2009’. Click on the graphs.

SOFI2After decades of improvements, the number of undernourished people (in millions) in the world has been rising rapidly since the mid 1990s.





Even as a proportion of total population, hunger started rising in the middle of the last decade



SOFI3This is partly because aid to agriculture has been collapsing for decades (% of total aid)




The global crisis of 2008/9 hit Asia particularly hard (percentage increase in malnutrition in 2009)


 And food prices are continuing their rebound (this from the FAO’s World Food Prices Index – the orange line is the latest and shows that food prices are already back to late 2007 levels)

Food prices Feb 2010