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What is happening in Colombia? New roots and familiar responses to national protests

May 13, 2021
One of my LSE activism students asked if she could highlight the horrible response to popular protests currently going on in her native Colombia. Guest post by Daniela Duran  and Lorenzo Uribe   Colombia is entering its third week of protests and, although a lot of what is happening is new to the country, the political response to it has

Colombian activists use music and art to call for climate action

February 3, 2020
Vanessa Daza Castillo is a young Colombian lawyer working as an environmental justice researcher at Dejusticia, a human rights think tank, and a fellow at the Climate and Environmental Justice Media program with FRIDA – The Young Feminist Fund in partnership with OpenGlobalRights. This piece was published as part of this partnership, by OpenGlobalRights. Social media and school striking are not the

What are the drivers of change behind women’s empowerment at national level? The case of Colombia

September 10, 2015
Just read a new case study of women’s empowerment in Colombia, part of ODI’s Development Progress series (summary here, full paper here). What’s useful is the level of analysis – a focus on the national rather than global or a project case study enables them to consider the various drivers of change at work. Some excerpts: Signs of Progress: Colombia

How can an NGO campaign against rape in armed conflict? An inspiring case study from Colombia

July 5, 2012

How Change Happens: Defeating Oil Exploration in the San Andres Archipelago

May 2, 2012

Small farms can be beautiful – how farmers' markets changed attitudes and policies in Colombia

October 20, 2011

Can Cities build local 'developmental states'? Some surprising good news from Colombia

August 26, 2011

Helping small farmers get a better deal in Colombia

May 14, 2010
I’m on a panel at the Harvard Kennedy School tomorrow, pulling together some of the lessons from on the ground success in development programming. I’ve already posted on some of the stories, but here’s an interesting one from Colombia, where small scale farmers find it hard to sell into urban areas at a decent price. Partly it’s because they cannot