Randomistas, experts, better conferences and Branko: most-read recent FP2P posts

December 2, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Given that we spend nothing on advertising on this blog, we reckon the traffic for a given post is a reasonable proxy for quality, so here are the top 5 posts from the last two months, courtesy of you (and Google Analytics). In descending order.

The Randomistas just won the Nobel Economics prize. Here’s why RCTs aren’t a magic bullet. A quick summary of FP2P critiques over the years, following the announcement of the new Nobelists, got a lot of hits from those who don’t fully buy into the Randomista snake oil. Naila Kabeer’s recent podcast on the subject also benefited from all the attention.

Who is an Expert? Great reflection by Farida Bena for our #PowerShifts project

7 steps to improving Conference Presentations. Cathartic rants about how much I hate conferences never grow old, it seems

Inequality and the future of Capitalism: in Conversation with Branko Milanovic, Branko at his brilliant best and a promising start for our new podcast + transcript format

The ‘NGO-ization’ of research: what are the risks? Pierre Basimise Ngalishi Kanyegere struck a few chords in another popular #PowerShifts piece.

We’re only counting recent posts here, not the handful of old ones which keep bringing in the punters. We’ll talk about them at the end of the year.

Enjoy – all of these are top notch, in my totally biased opinion

December 2, 2019
Duncan Green