Make Change Happen: a new online Oxfam course for activists. Please check it out.

August 17, 2018

     By Duncan Green     

MOOCs, for those of you who still don’t recognize the acronym (tsk), are Massive Open Online Courses. Oxfam’s getting into the MOOC business with ‘Make Change Happen’ – a training course for activists. You can register any time, and the course starts 15th October.

I’ve contributed my usual spiel on power and systems, and will be one of the talking heads on video, but the MOOC is a big cross-Oxfam production, with the Open University, drawing on our internal campaigning and advocacy training materials, work on active citizenship, and lots of examples from around the world. Here’s the blurb:

‘Learn what drives positive social change in your role as a changemaker.

If we want to make effective and lasting social change, we must understand power dynamics, social systems and how change really happens.

This course will help you to understand the context of your situation, along with your existing sources of power and influence. You’ll be guided by examples of successful international movements and local community action – connecting with other changemakers around the globe.

Ultimately, you’ll finish this course equipped with the skills you need to spot and act upon opportunities – bringing about the change you want to see in your community and the world.

What topics will you cover?

Week 1 – What kind of change are we talking about, understanding change, changemakers and their stories, and different forms of change.

Week 2 – Understanding the context of change, looking at what context is, and the change you would like to see.

Week 3 – Taking a power and systems approach, defining power, the tools for analysing power, and understanding systems.

Week 4 – The power of collective action, working in partnership with others, and what drives a changemaker.

Week 5 – Spheres of influence, understanding influence, and where the power lies.

Week 6 – Developing strong stories for change, influencing strategies, and developing messages.

Week 7 – Taking action to make change happen, strategy and tactics, developing your action plan, and the steps to implement your plan.

Week 8 – Tackling challenges and taking your next steps, reflecting on change, overcoming challenges, and staying inspired and focused.’

This first run is a bit of a pilot, and we’ll be aiming to tweak according to feedback on how it goes. Exciting stuff. Please check it out and tell your networks.

Here’s the link again

August 17, 2018
Duncan Green