Links I Liked (mainly Covid, natch)

May 26, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

ICYMI, put this wonderful post by Robert Chambers up yesterday afternoon.

Humour, Postcolonial Irony and Covid-19 in Africa, by David Mwambari and Laura S Martin

Serious about shifting norms as a pathway to change? Why Sesame Street Was a Revolutionary Force for Children’s Television ht Ranil Dissayanake

What if some African governments are doing a better job than our own of managing the coronavirus? ht IPA’s Weekly Links

Or Indian states, for that matter. The coronavirus slayer! How Kerala’s rock star health minister helped save it from Covid-19 (note: national responses are shaped by their experience of previous epidemics – Kerala had Nipah, East Asia had SARS & MERS, and we had flu)

Research and Ideas beat Conditionality, every time. ‘Our results: analytical and advisory products of the World Bank consistently influence government policy in Low and Middle Income Countries. By contrast, there is no strong evidence that the Bank’s development policy lending consistently influence government policy.’

Women’s Empowerment and Economic Development: A Feminist Critique of Storytelling Practices in “Randomista” Economics. Naila Kabeer takes a long hard look at the work of Esther Duflo ht Tobias Denskus

CGD is having a good crisis, and probably merits its own Links I Liked:

Migrant Remittances will plummet. Here is what that means for Global Development. Migration guru Michael Clemens with some useful suggestions for minimising the damage.

The Economic Impact of COVID-19 around the World: Remittances, Updated Growth and Poverty Projections, and the Reintroduction of Barter in Fiji. Another great round up by CGD’s Dave Evans and Amina Mendez Acosta.

But this is weird and slightly disturbing. A paper on the role of Advance Market Commitments in getting a Covid vaccine, presented in a 2m video in the style of a movie trailer. Lockdown getting to Dave Evans? ht IPA’s Weekly Links

May 26, 2020
Duncan Green