Links I Liked (and not a single mention of the US election!)

October 26, 2020

     By Duncan Green     


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I do like an academic paper that confirms my prejudices….. ‘Jargon isn’t a sign of expertise; it’s a signal of insecurity. Based on 9 studies: when people lack status, they resort to unnecessarily technical language in an attempt to look smart. When they have status, they’re more concerned with communicating clearly.’ And check out the spoof last paragraph, spotted by David Hudson.

Heba Aly and Jeremy Konyndyk interview Danny Sriskandarajah (aka my boss) on the future of humanitarianism. Recommended.

Climate change and flying: what share of global CO2 emissions come from aviation? What most surprised me was that it’s not risen that much as a % of overall emissions

Covid has added 144m to the world’s extreme poor. By 2030, poverty numbers could still be higher than the pre-Covid baseline by 60m people. Homi Kharas of Brookings.

So maybe its genetic: Siri, 11-year-old daughter of Roman Krznaric and Kate Raworth, wins the national Wild About Writing short story competition. Read her 1000-word story ‘Rescued Like Her Name’

Coronavirus in Africa: Five reasons why Covid-19 has been less deadly than elsewhere. Quick action; public support; young pop; climate; community health. What else?

Are you working to end inequality? Applications are open now for the 2021-22 Atlantic Fellows for Social & Economic Equity programme, a funded fellowship for change-makers at the LSE Inequalities Institute. Great scheme!

I’m on holiday this week, walking in Western England. Here’s the weather forecast. Normal service will be resumed once I’ve dried out….

Wet weather forecast
October 26, 2020
Duncan Green