Links I Liked (and happy Christmas Elsie)

December 21, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Wonderful readers’ selection of their favourite New Yorker cartoons. Enjoy. other-projects-excited

What Should We Do About Inequality? Fascinating reflection from Harvard’s Ricardo Hausman

‘Since our campaign, we had seen a 90% reduction in LRA killings’. Relive the mind-blowing hubris of Invisible Children (of Kony 2012 fame), and a classic illustration of failing to distinguish between causation and correlation

100 key research questions for the post-2015 development agenda. One for all the blue sky-ers out there (and anyone looking for dissertation topics)

Who said it: Star Wars or the EU? Brighten yr Monday morning and take the quiz (I got 10/12) [h/t Hugh Cole]

embrace changeDilbert does change

Brilliant idea to show horrible reality. A pregnant woman’s 5 hour walk to nearest health centre, on video

Is responsible tax behaviour the next frontier of CSR? Excellent piece on norm shifts & tax activism

Excellent final reflection on the significance of the Paris Agreement on climate change by the IIED’s remorseless Saleemul Huq

And a big Christmas shout out to blog reader Elsie Russell in Christchurch, whose family is currently camping out in our house….

December 21, 2015
Duncan Green