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August 1, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

By the way, I’m heading for the US East Coast (DC, NYC, Boston) to launch How Change Happens from 28th Nov top 10 global companiesto 10th Dec. If you are interested in organizing an event, please get in touch.

The new Fortune Global 500 is out. 3 of the top 4 companies are Chinese.

‘All these theories – counterinsurgency warfare, state building – were actually complete abstract madness. They were like very weird religious systems, because they always break down into three principles, 10 functions, seven this or that.’ Britain’s new Minister of State for Development, Rory Stewart in a brilliant 2014 interview. Hope he stays that interesting now he’s in government.

Politics matters, so what? Time for bigger bets (and more learning) on adaptive programming. Excellent from Alan Hudson of Global Integrity.

Are log-frames holding us all back from effective learning and adapting? DFID’s Pete Vowles reflects on theory v practice

Cash transfers: what does the evidence say? New ODI review

Reality TV meets good governance. Integrity Idol, to find the most honest bureaucrat, is now showing in Nepal, Pakistan, Liberia and Mali

Economics: The Users Guide: Brilliant 11m RSAnimate of Ha-Joon Chang introducing his latest book.




August 1, 2016
Duncan Green