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July 25, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

How was your week? Write any top emails? Dilbert on emails

Internal Oxfam stuff, but important. Winnie Byanyima explains reasoning behind relocating Oxfam International’s office to Nairobi

Ten facts about conflict and its impact on women [h/t Emily Brown]

DFID has a new, high profile and v thoughtful Minister of State in Rory Stewart. Here he is on why democracy matters

‘End this report writing madness now’. Enjoyable Deborah Doane rant about the avalanche of the unread, with a passing swipe at Oxfam

Could economists have done any better over Brexit? Tim Harford on limits of evidence/experts in public debate

Nice balanced analysis of the role of social media (especially whatsapp) in the recent protests in Zimbabwe, compared to traditional face to face organizing

Where do African women have more power? In countries emerging from war.

Obama’s legacy for international development: lots of new initiatives but also preventing an even bigger global crash in 2008

Why “what works?” is the wrong question: Evaluate ideas not programs.

‘We’re the Superhumans’ Backgrounder on utterly brilliant trailer for Rio Paralympics 2016.

July 25, 2016
Duncan Green