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June 27, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

vote remainBlimey, where to start? Think I’ll do an initial ‘how change happens’ post mortem piece on Brexit tomorrow, and just stick to the pre-poll run-up today, because the final days of the EU referendum Johnson capocampaign produced some fine humour – it already seems like a bygone age. Rhodri Marsden belatedly took a leaf out of the Leave campaign’s approach to factiness.

And should his political fortunes prosper, let’s hope  Boris Johnson’s grasp of government is better than his understanding of the purpose of capos (h/t Rob Manuel).

John Oliver did his bit for Remain, providing this potty-mouthed cover version of the European anthem, Ode to Joy. One of the cleaner lines ‘we would all be bat shit crazy if we vote for leaving it’. Ah.

Back to the rest of the world.

Useful update on SDG process from Claire Melamed. Is it en route to implementation/traction or oblivion? (she says the former)

Justine Greening tweetBritain’s Development Minister Justine Greening showed both timing and wit, with this ‘coming out’ tweet on the day of the big Pride parade.

This may be tempting fate after recent events, but is the US election already over? The Trump campaign is in disarray, while Clinton steaming ahead.

I spent most of last week in Portugal, where I had to admire Ronaldo’s approach to intrusive microphones (if not his declining football talents or alarming suntan)


June 27, 2016
Duncan Green