Links I Liked

June 20, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Never has ‘links I liked’ been more of a misnomer, but I have to start with the murder of my former Jo Cox
colleague Jo Cox. This was one of the more searching reflections on her death.

Which leads us on to this week’s EU Referendum, I guess. If you’re one of those diminishing band of voters that is still interested in facty stuff, the Institute for New Economic Thinking takes down Boris Johnson’s claim that the EU is ‘a graveyard of low growth’ and Owen Barder has handily annotated a largely fictitious pro-Brexit leaflet.

Meanwhile, a Mail-inspired petition forces a Commons debate on aid, and most MPs supported aid. Oops

Let’s try and lighten the mood:perfect presentation

Some excellent advice from Andrew Hayward on how to give a top presentation.

And some smart videos:

Two nice parodies of TED talks (I’m enjoying the backlash). Thought Leaders and John Oliver, who to be fair is parodying anti-science, more than TED

This has to be the most relaxed bit of news reporting from the middle of a riot you will ever see.

And an 8th grader goes viral by giving his graduation speech in the style of the US presidential contenders (all of them, plus the President). It’s 8 minutes long, but worth hanging in there for his Bernie Sanders impersonation. [h/t Nick Corasaniti] His Trump is good, but who can match the original on the great City of Belgium?

June 20, 2016
Duncan Green