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May 30, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

The grim power of data: heat map of migrant deaths and cemeteries in the Mediterranean since 2014 [h/t Max Med deaths and cemeteriesGalka]

The IMF (or at least its more thoughtful parts) continues to startle old lags like me used to denouncing it as irredeemably ‘neoliberal’. The latest issue of its flagship magazine, Finance and Development, includes a glowing profile of Dani Rodrik (uber critic of the Washington Consensus) and a piece asking if neoliberalism has been oversold (to which it answers, partly yes).

I work a day a week at the LSE as  Professor in Practice, along with Owen Barder, Kevin Watkins and Laura Kelly, so it’s understandable that Angelina Jolie should seek some of our reflected glamour by becoming the latest LSE PiP……… It prompted plenty of snark, but also interesting discussions on celebs and academia, e.g. here and here. [h/t Alice Evans]

6 reasons on research to policy changeStaying with academia, Six reasons why it is unrealistic to expect research to drive policy change got people v steamed up

Good backgrounder on Brazil’s political crisis

14 top books on African politics (broadly defined) – looks like a useful list

Brilliant. Drone footage of climate smart agriculture in Bangladesh, from Practical Action

Both mesmerizing and scary – approaching the planetary boundaries and fast. Given tipping points, it’s like watching as we approach the cliff edge and just keep going.

May 30, 2016
Duncan Green