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May 23, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Global life expectancy has now overtaken the biblical span for the first time, up by five years since 2000, (WHO figures). Global average now 71.4 years Global life expectancy

Big International Inequalities conference at LSE on Wednesday (25th), including rock star Thomas Piketty. I’ll be on a practitioner panel (sounds painful) in the evening

The horror of the Siemens Healthineers. The incomparable Lucy Kellaway on bad corporate rebranding (especially when accompanied by music and dance)

Top tips on maximising the impact of your research (with video clips) and making NGO videos for social media

An online poll you can really get behind: ‘Are the royal family shape-shifting lizards? (67% currently say yes) [h/t Charlie Beckett]

The limitations of Big Data – excellent from Tim Harford

ODI has a good four page backgrounder for this week’s World Humanitarian Summit. Or you can just take the Guardian quiz.

Props to IDS for making its Journal full Open Access, including a nearly 50 year back catalogue. You next ODI/Development Policy Review?

Girls are on the move. Another powerful Plan International video from my sister-in-law, Mary Matheson

May 23, 2016
Duncan Green