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March 3, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Inequality elephantInequality and someone’s been messing with Branko Milanovic’s famous chart of who’s benefited from 20 years of globalization. As Alan Beattie tweeted, ‘If only there were some elephant-based expression meaning a big issue you can’t ignore….’

A study of adults who received child sponsorship as kids finds big long term impact in India, but none in Uganda, Kenya or Bolivia

Please add your name to the 200+ Friends of UNRISD, which is in serious financial trouble. They are calling on Ban Ki-moon to step in

Obama on BrexitObama, Prince Whatshisname and Brexit. Classic Private Eye cover

Viva crowdsourcing! Charles Kenny wants comments on the draft of his book on Aid and Corruption. Deadline is end of May.

Five websites to find a job in international development.

What the Japanese really think of Europe, based on Google Japanese stereotypes of Europesearches. England = Bad Food. France = ‘no fat people’….

White Saviour Barbie. Enjoyable voluntourism satire, [h/t Chris Blattman, as usual]

Achtung! Germany on the Rise! Superb, funny, ironic, progressive. And German. [h/t Chris Blattman – who else]

And finally, a heartfelt shout out to IndiGo’s Ravinder Thakur for finding my lost passport in Mumbai, tracking me down, calling and sending it straight back to Delhi in time for me to get my flight back to the UK. You are my hero.


March 3, 2016
Duncan Green