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April 25, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

where you sit in classYou are where you sit (in class), via PhD Comics

The aid trend is reversing: More money is now going to the poorest countries, according to Erik Solheim…

Vietnamese kids do absurdly well (and PISA scores v incomesome Latin Americans really badly) on international test scores (PISA) given their income  [h/t Laurence Chandy]

‘Climate scientists are developing pre-traumatic stress disorder  due to their awareness of what is underway.’ Schuyler Brown on ‘Moving from Sustainability to Regenerative Design’ [h/t Alex Evans]

Health v military spending by region. Central/South Asia & Mid East the health v military spending
worst, [h/t Snippets of Random]

Road traffic kills far more rta deaths by countrypeople than homicide in most countries. Development issue?

‘Just give me a normal, non-gay, standard turtle’. Inspired funny/sad anti-hate Amnesty campaign in Turkey

April 25, 2016
Duncan Green