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April 18, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

In China, kids improve their dad’s passport photo (he was turned back at the airport).Chinese passport

Fascinating round up of mutants/positive deviants in aid and development and how aid agencies need to respond

Last week saw a flurry of discussions on mental health in aid and development saw good pieces by on OECD Insights and CGD. Let’s hope the spotlight stays on this seriously neglected issue.

Topical palindromes – are they a thing? This from Will Howells: ‘A man, a PM, A/Cs, a scam, Panama!’

In Zambia, social norms don’t exist and neoliberalism advanced gender equality. Alice Evans rattles some cages

Global inequality may be even worse than we think. Jason Hickel goes over the numbers

Women’s Economic Empowerment – how to turn a trendy slogan into something with

And in response to me venturing into the vlogosphere, Gawain Kripke taught me about GIFs. Here’s his vicious and unprovoked attack on me. Here’s my retaliation. Then Alice Evans decides to use them as clickbait for her papers (apparently traffic jumped, although remember we are still talking academic papers, here). They’re dead easy, if you want to play, go here.

How to Work Better: at last, a check list we can all buy into (but make sure you read to the bottom). Shame both this and the passport pic were probably photoshopped…..

how to work better


April 18, 2016
Duncan Green