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March 14, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Bureaucratics – great photo series of officials behind desks around the world. [h/t Chris Blattman]Bureaucratics

Some wise advice from DFID reformer Pete Vowles for anyone pursuing change in large organizations

A top job in the Oxfam GB research team: Senior Researcher on Influencing and its Effectiveness (4 April deadline)

World Bank sets up nudge unit – the Global Insights Initiative (Gini). It will run experiments on nutrition, sanitation etc

Trump, Sanders and the backlash against globalization. Paul Krugman doesn’t see much point in defending further trade liberalization (diminishing policy returns, it seems)

Homi Kharas argues that 2015’s international agreements (SDGs, Paris, Addis) have a new theory of change, going beyond traditional inter-governmental deals to include markets, data and innovation.

Six lessons from trying to reach 10 million women in India with life-saving health information. Good ICT for Development piece

Ruth Levine asks why do experts in global development disagree so much about randomized controlled trials?

International Women’s Day miscellany

‘Today, I did 11 things that are illegal for women in other countries. What’s your score?’ [h/t Laurie Adams]

MAOWThe ups and downs of gender gaps in happiness. Women are generally happier, except in poor countries, but there’s more to it than that.

And my own small contribution. Once we get rid of all-male panels (Manels), the next challenge is dealing with tokenistic MAOWs (Men and One Woman) that seem to be replacing them

Love the sentiment, harmonies and moves on this Plan International IWD video from Uganda by my sister in law Mary Matheson. The girls wrote the lyrics, btw.


March 14, 2016
Duncan Green