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March 9, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Bit of a delay this week, but here’s last week’s pick of the private educationinterwebs

In the class riddled UK, even the pop stars are disproportionately privately educated

DFID’s Pete Vowles has some useful advice for anyone pursuing change in large organizations

Following last year’s World Development Report on behavioural economics, the World Bank sets up a ‘nudge unit’. The Global Insights Initiative (Gini) will run experiments to promote improvements in nutrition, sanitation etc

New Report: Indigenous Peoples & local communities own just 1/5 of their land

In Tanzania, reality TV does women farmers – meet the Female Food Heroes

Time for some Election stuff:

In the US, making history is guaranteed (sort of)….. historical US elections

How women, the Green Movement and a secure comms app from Russia shaped Iran’s elections

Got 20 minutes? If you haven’t seen it already, revel in this John Oliver take down of the Donald

March 9, 2016
Duncan Green