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February 9, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

I’m off for a holiday, so this is the last blog for a couple of weeks. Back after that.replyall

Let’s make 2016 the year when we try and stop people unthinkingly hit ‘reply all’ and clogging up our inboxes. Next time someone does it, why not send them this photo?

In Kerala, Pembillai Orumai—Women’s Unity, an organization of Dalit tea workers won a strike, and then moved on to change politics too

Some good aid biz nuts and bolts posts this week:

Is My NGO Having a Positive Impact? Evaluation 101 and the problem of the counterfactual

How to design a monitoring and evaluation framework for a policy research project.

The extraordinary wasteland of Homs, Syria, filmed by a Russian drone. The sorrow and waste of war.

rise of GoogleAfter complaints, JK Rowling locates the world’s oldest wizarding school in Uganda.

Last week, Alphabet (aka Google) overtook Apple to become the world’s largest company by market cap. Time to pay some more tax, then?

Delhi’s odd-even plan to reduce pollution was a rather successful experiment in public policy and citizen participation

It turns out that paying officials better doesn’t reduce corruption after all. In fact the opposite. Oops. New Ghana study.

Did Ebola lead to a rape epidemic in West Africa? V disturbing piece

When Denmark clamped down and started demanding assets from refugees, some critics argued that Denmark should put its own old people first. Step forward African Adopt-a-Dane project



February 9, 2016
Duncan Green