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February 1, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Happy Monday morning everyone. Here’s Dilbert on meetingsDilbert on meetings

Busy week for tax geeks:

A Eurodad analysis of the European Commission’s Anti-Tax Avoidance Package

IDS tax guru Mick Moore on the links between the flawed new OECD tax agreement on TNCs, aka the BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) recommendations and the Google (non) tax scandal?

Although Maya Forstater doesn’t think the UK’s Google tax deal is that bad (not sure many people agree with her, tho)

Why taxing global companies is hard (when sales, employment & costs are all in different countries). Excellent jobs at risk from automationbackgrounder from Owen Barder

Meanwhile, in the world beyond tax:

Jobs in poorest countries are the most vulnerable to automation argues a new Oxford Martin School paper [h/t Laurence Chandy]

What’s on the international agenda in 2016? A lot of meetings, apparently.

For academics who still need convincing: how to write a blogpost from your journal article in eleven easy steps.

And finally, entirely off topic but we need something to cheer us up at this time of year. What happens when the teacher tells a 5 year old to sing out loud in the school play? (Apparently she’s all grown up now and unscarred by the event) [h/t Michelle Mularkey]

February 1, 2016
Duncan Green