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January 25, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Still in writing purdah (going well thanks), but unable to stay away from social media altogether – here’s a few links from last week’s twitter stream.

Smart headline from NY Post (at least the Panda in Washington zoo appreciated the weather) [h/t Chris Blattman]this weekend

Overview of state of women’s empowerment in Africa from Brookings

Oxfam did its Davos thing again, with the annual killer fact fest on extreme wealth (the key number is 62)

Davos-statsAnd its in house geeks fended off the equally predictable (and weak) attacks on its numbers

Or you could just take the Guardian global inequality quiz. I got 9/10 (damn that 4th C Greek Bishop!)

Seven ways technology has changed us. Martin Wolf at his brilliant best

Stop! Before you schedule that meeting, why not work out how much it is going to cost with this handy calculator? Brilliant, but only adds up salaries of those present, not opportunity costs, loss of will to live, existential crises etc

Some predictions are better than others: Nikola Tesla in 1926, describing today’s world [h/t Vala Afshar]Tesla 1926

What makes an academic paper useful for health policy? Sound advice from former DFID research boss

Wonderful. Some high street businesses in Crickhowell, a small Welsh town, decide to go offshore – if big TNCs can avoid tax, so can they – starting a fair tax town movement that should get the British government worried

January 25, 2016
Duncan Green