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January 11, 2016

     By Duncan Green     

Hi there, been tweeting the odd link when I should be rewriting the book. Here’s last week’s highlights. And if Mark famous failuresFried is reading this, here’s what a really tough editor is like.

Feeling a bit of a failure? Take heart from this lot [h/t Winnie Byanyima]

Latest aid stats. Good news: Global aid highest in history in 2014 ($137bn) . Bad news: Less going to to poorest countries.

The World Bank is hosting an excellent debate on knowledge & fragile states. Here’s Alex de Waal’s post.

‘Companies which do the most CSR also make the most strenuous efforts to avoid paying tax (& spend most on lobbying)’. Ouch.

Recognize this feeling? Just when you think you’ve got something good, it dissolves into nothingness [h/t Finlay Green]

Clinton Blair dialogueThe real Clinton-Blair transcripts – OK, it’s a spoof, but I don’t care, it’s still wonderful.

Half a million Syrians didn’t hurt Turkish wages, according to some pretty rigorous research. Will Europe’s anti-immigrant lobby notice/acknowledge this awkward fact?

Excellent debunking of spread of meaningless corporatebabble in the aid biz [h/t Chris Jochnick]

Powerful plea from Open Society to defend civil society space from attack by governments around the world. 5m video

January 11, 2016
Duncan Green