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December 14, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Christmas looms, but how do you tell Santa from Spiderman? Geek humour via @patronsaintofcatsSanta venn

Good tips on how to improve collaboration between academics/researchers and practitioners – because we need each other.

Malaria deaths have halved since 2000 (438,000 in 2015; 839,000 in 2000), according to new WHO figures

What refugees ask IRC staff when they reach Europe. No 1: ‘where am I?’ No 2: ‘Do you have WiFi?’ [h/t Chris Blattman]

kinder v rifleCheck out the v cutting Development Dictionary, storified by Tom Murphy

Brilliant dissection of the new UK aid strategy by Owen Barder

Kinder eggs v guns: The world, or at least the US, seriously has to look at its child safety priorities

If you’re even vaguely interested in the role of tech in development, sign up to Tom Steinberg’s new blog. Here he is on new digital institutions (I love the idea of digital graveyards, but hope he includes cremation as an option)

Excellent Brookings Institution analysis of China’s recent $60bn pledge to Africa, including a  shift from natural resources to labour-intensive industry

Loving these 30 sec positive ‘Friday lunchtime treats’ from Emma Greaves and friends at Oxfam. No 3: show us your dance moves

December 14, 2015
Duncan Green