Links I Liked (and last chance to comment on How Change Happens draft)

December 7, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Been on the road, so here’s two weeks’ worth of top links. Plus final reminder: this Thursday (10th December) is the deadline for comments on the book draft – you know what to do.

Zen car parkZen Carpark (right)

The difference between US and UK, summed up in one 8 second video

Why is Einstein famous when no-one can understand relativity?

Cinderella Issues update:

Road safety is an equity issue. Low income countries have 1% of vehicles, but 16% of all road deaths

Jedi v ProfessorsBig tobacco increasingly targets (& kills) the young in poor countries. Why are no big NGOs campaigning on the modern opium wars?

Professors v Jedi, left [h/t Shit Academics Say]

National MDG implementation: lessons for the SDG era. Better late than never!

Temporary versus permanent power shifting technologies (aka The Bomb v The Pill) by Tom Steinberg on his new blog

Causes of death in Shakespeare plays, below – delightful pie chart [h/t Deaths in Shakespeare plays@spookyjulie]

Best things I’ve read on the Paris Climate Change negotiations:

How Copenhagen rebooted the theory of change behind international talks

Role of faith leaders in changing the debate

Saleemul Huq’s daily updates on the progress of the talks will be essential viewing as talks hot up when ministers arrive this week (here’s an example from last week)

Off topic, but it’s starting to feel Christmassy, so who cares? Adele, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots covering Hello with classroom instruments [v Chris Blattman]

December 7, 2015
Duncan Green