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November 9, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Powerful, harrowing photo essay of Syrian refugee children asleep.refugee children sleeping

Suffragettes v suffragists. Nice movie, shame about the (lack of) theory of change – it was really the suffragists wot won it

Oxfam America takes on Big Chicken in the US, using leader/laggard tactics to push for a better deal for 250,000 workers and getting some very quick wins

Remember all that guff about the state getting out of the way, in order to unleash entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs? Every major technology in the iPhone came from the US government or other state bodies. Cool infographic from ipod v stateMariana Mazzucato [h/t Michael Shellenberger]

Thomas Piketty proposes flight tax (just business class) to raise climate funds

Politics of US aid: countries rescaled according to how much US aid money they receive. Guess what, the connection to poverty is minimal

Check out the new Oxfam research guidelines on focus groups, surveys and writing executive summaries US aid w countries resized

Afghan Imams defy the Taliban to encourage access to contraception




November 9, 2015
Duncan Green