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November 2, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

In 1800 there was no country with a life expectancy over expectancy 1800 v 2012

Please excuse the self promotion, but if you’re in Washington Weds, please come along to discuss How Change Happens at CGD. Put the draft book up on Friday, and the first review went up same day – not that’s what I call fast feedback.

Has the governance agenda lost its mojo? The wonderful Sina Odugbemi worries that ‘the thrill is gone’, but I think it’s just the arrogance that is waning, making way for more interesting approaches to power and politics.

Africa's middle classAccording to the Economist, Africans are mainly rich or poor, not middle class (growing v slowly). That should worry democrats

Could Agile software development + Adaptive Programming = A new dawn for ICT for development? Thoughtful from Matt

‘Every 5 years in China, man

They make a new development plan’

China’s 13th 5 year plan, presented through a 3m music jingle. Indescribable.  [h/t Alice Evans]

The Guardian’s Stephen Collins nails the discomfort of a British Halloween Stephen Collins cartoon 21 June 2014


What I like about this strip cartoon on the need for an SDG on extreme wealth is the wider satire on aidspeak

The extreme wealth SDG


November 2, 2015
Duncan Green