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October 5, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Why people are fleeing Syria – fear of Assad government is given four times more often than fear of opponents.why people are leaving Syria

New Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index ranks governments on their political commitment to tackling hunger and undernutrition

Women in Bangladesh are taking charge – from grassroots up to government. Good overview on women’s rights, education, politics

Going to use this Dilbert argument in my next performance review. What are Dilbert working hoursmy chances?

NGOs in Malawi: What happens when donors leave? Important sustainability & partnership issues here

The best way to kill an idea, [h/t Calestous Juma]best way to kill an idea

“If you’re tired, we can walk amok.” Top 10 Words Used With Only One Other Word [h/t Charlie Beckett]

African solutions to African problems? The end of the Burkina coup may spell a different regional leadership role for ECOWAS [h/t RachelStrom]

Is it just me, or is this Richard Curtis film for the Global Goals/SDGs (what are we supposed to call them these days?) not up to the standard of some of his previous work? (and not just because a list of goals aren’t actually a plan, unless they have some kind of theory of change – did I mention that before?)


October 5, 2015
Duncan Green