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September 28, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Dilbert does the World Bank (h/t Makarand)Dilbert does World Bank

Interesting stuff on Ebola

Fascinating example of positive deviance. Why were 284 villages with community-led total sanitation Ebola-free, despite being close to the centre of the outbreak?

How West African governments fought the epidemic. Report from the Africa Governance Initiative reinforces Doing Development Differently on national systems and PDIA (Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation)

Gender Inequality

Tackling the gender gap could add $12 trillion to the world economy, according to a new study (= GDP of Germany + UK + Japan)

And if you’re in London this Friday, come along to the LSE for Gender inequalities: policy and practice perspectives, joint Oxfam/LSE public event,  2 Oct, 6.30.

Is booze a development issue? 12 Sub Saharan African nations are among the 20 countries losing the most healthy years to alcohol use

Chris Blattman loves Cash Transfers:

Reflections on what he learned on the CTs panel – what evidence persuades, CT tipping points etc

Is handing out $50k at a time in Nigeria (mega CTs?) the most effective development program in history? Shameless clickbait.

China inequality10 photographers try and capture global inequality. Great series


September 28, 2015
Duncan Green