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September 14, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

The main global Diabetes hot spots are in Middle East and Latin America – not Europe or US. [via Conrad global diabetesHackett]

I’ve never met a meeting I couldn’t sleep through [h/t Chris Jochnick, zzzz]

Dani Rodrik argues that economics is a craft not a science: why economists should stop arguing about which is the ‘correct’ model and learn to apply different ones according to circumstances

Strikingly upbeat and religious take by Alex Evans global population growth rateson the climate movement’s model of change and current challenges

World Population Peak growth is long over (it peaked half a century ago). From Max Roser’s ‘Our World in Data’ web publication


Refugee crisis miscellanySteve Jobs

What burden? Here’s one son of a Syrian migrant

Two Swedish entrepreneurs set up a ‘Refugee air’ airlift from UK v LebanonTurkey after listening to a Hans Rosling video. Respect to all involved.

Lebanon has 1.2m Syrian refugees. Here’s Lebanon compared to the UK. [h/t Derek Payne]Dad in Berlin

5 history lessons (from previous crises) in how to deal with a refugee crisis

Remember the crying dad on a Greek beach? He looks a lot happier now he’s made it to Berlin


Way to go, Hungary: Hungarian journalist Petra Laszlo caught tripping fleeing Syrian refugees on camera

September 14, 2015
Duncan Green