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September 1, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Dilbert explains: Why asking staff in big, cumbersome organizations to be more entrepreneurial is never going to Entrepreneurs
work. Sorry.

Useful tips here. Why presenting research & policy recommendations to governments is like discussing ugly babies with their parents

less government guyIrony watch: Guy in ‘lower taxes, less government, more freedom’ T shirt thanks US government firefighters for saving his house

Alex Evans was on form last week: Sweetly written piece on the transformational power and low cost of savings groups in Ethiopia and a top rant about wimpy climate change negotiators, previewing his forthcoming paper on how carbon trading can keep warming below 2 degrees

Income inequality by country, from 2014 issue of Science: Latin America Gini inequalitythe most unequal continent, but South Africa the worst country, [h/t Max Roser]

EliotTS Eliot manages to nail both most academics and most pundits in one para, almost 100 years ago (1921)

Most common job held by migrants for each US state. Gives a great sense of diversity and richness of immigrant contribution. [h/t Conrad Hackett]most common job held by US migrants

Hooray! The incomparable Hans Rosling is now commentating on/explaining current events. Here he is with 2m on the EU’s (mis)treatment of Syrian Refugges [h/t Alice Evans]




September 1, 2015
Duncan Green