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August 10, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

literacy rates 1500-presentWell, the blog makeover has been met with a fine blend of approval and indifference – heart-warming stuff.

The world is getting a lot better in lots of ways, and Max Roser has a graph for all of them

The US is getting a bit of a pasting from assorted economists: Jo Stiglitz thinks it’s on the wrong side of history on tax and other global reforms. Jose Antonio Ocampo agrees – last month’s Financing for Development summit in Addis was a defeat after 13 years of progress on international tax cooperation, says Jose Antonio Ocampo

science v mythPositive framing meets climate change denial, thanks to the New Yorker

Does the developing world need a welfare state to eliminate poverty? Some insights from history. [h/t Shanta Devarajan]

Great myth-busting on migration, swarms, Calais etc from Channel 4 News

And it’s off to Africa

Meet the Humans of Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. Pics and interviews meet the humans kiberamodeled on Humans of New York

From strongmen to strong institutions: Africa’s slow transition towards more political contestability by Vera Songwe

Africa HNWIsAfrica wealth report 2015: Inequality growing within countries

Driver v cyclist: this epic confrontation has got 4.5m hits in a week. I’m a London cyclist, but it’s hard to like either of them. But hey, it’s great theatre with a painful-looking denouement. Health warning, the language is pretty ripe. [h/t Finlay Green]

August 10, 2015
Duncan Green