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August 3, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Like the new format? Got any comments/suggestions for improvements? Please feed back in comments or vote (overnations that have never had a woman leader there on the right) so we can try and deal with any glitches

On with the show:

79 nations have never had a woman leader, including most of Africa and the US (tho that could change…..) Latin America, Asia and Europe do a bit better

Being overweight/obese now linked to 2.8m deaths per year via non-communicable diseases like diabetes – more than those from being underweight. Cost is $2trillion. Time for Oxfat to step up?

The Economist has a remarkably one sided paean to the benefits of private schools for the poor. For a rather more balanced (and enjoyable) wonk battle, check out Kevin Watkins v Justin Sandefur on this blog in 2012.

OK, if international migration is a political taboo, how about funding the domestic variety? Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; give a man a bus ticket and you get really good returns on investment. [h/t Laurence Chandy]

English summerIt’s the holiday season in the UK – here’s a great selection of photos of underwhelming, rain-sodden Britain. Wonderfully evocative.

The creation of ‘trafficking’ and why it has been disastrous for children in West Africa, by former Anti Slavery International head, Mike Dottridge

And a couple of smart videos:

That viral Shashi Tharoor speech on why Britain should pay reparations for its rule in India – debating masterclass

Simple, funny and brilliant from Steve Gerben. “Americans of Different Eras Discuss Immigration” [h/t Michael Clemens]




August 3, 2015
Duncan Green