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July 27, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Sciences v Humanities… v humanities

Unpacking last week’s global soft power index (Britain and Germany top, Mexico and China bottom).

Some particularly tasty wonkwars last week – must be the summer heat:

Deworming: No need to read all the exchanges, because Chris Blattman has spoken. Twice (initial discussion and then very sensible conclusions after a day of online debate); Miguel-Kremer wins: ‘you have to throw so much crazy sh*t to make the result go away that I believe the result even more than when I started’.

Is the FAO massaging the numbers on hunger? Jason Hickel and Thomas Pogge slugging it out in the comments with the FAO’s enjoyably truculent Carlo Cafiero

George Clooney launches ‘The Sentry’ to track down the people funding/profiting from African conflicts. Sounds like a great movie idea.

Why is philanthropy so fixated with social entrepreneurs and so uninterested in social movements? [h/t Tom Murphy]

The Geographical Association has put up a series of 5 short (2-5m) interviews of me ranting in my kitchen, on whether things getting better, our changing understanding of development and what we’re currently worried about. I may even start vlogging. Not with the scary close-ups tho –  I fear it’s too late for me to start moisturising…….

Powerful new War Child video. Empathy, sympathy or conflict porn? [h/t Aid Leap]

July 27, 2015
Duncan Green