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July 20, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Hi folks, back from hols, and raring to go. Here’s some top links from last weektop international threat

What people around the world see as the top international threat [h/t Conrad Hackett]

‘Compassion & paternalism could mean helping only 1 million people out of poverty instead of 3 million’. Chris Blattman looks at the evidence on impact v cost on cash, livestock and training

Econo-nerd heaven: Summary of 19 natural experiments in economics. Really interesting and clever.

Britain tops world rankings in ‘soft power’. So renegotiating UK’s deal with Europe The Sun on benefit touristsshould be a cinch then…..

Great narrative; shame about the total absence of new commitments on anything. So now it’s on to September’s SDGs summit in New York. Alex Evans sums up last week’s Addis Financing for Development conference

Oops. The Sun admits its ‘600,000 benefit tourists’ story was false. [h/t Charles Edward

OK, now this is what I call a wonkwar. Serial NGO baiter Maya Forstater publishes draft paper with CGD on tax and development. Ex CGD-er Alex Cobham describes it as a ‘sustained integrity attack’ on NGO tax campaigners and rebuts at length. Take yr seats, folks.

Greece for Grownups: Adair Turner argues that debt relief is inevitable, as is pension reform. Get over it, everybody.

While we’re on Greece, here’s Henry Kissinger on the election of a left-wing government in Chile in 1973, before Kissinger on Chilehelping overthrow it. Remind you of anyone?kissinger-pinochet1

July 20, 2015
Duncan Green