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July 6, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Gotta start with the Greek meltdown, I guess:troika forecasts

Whadya mean, ‘the Troika (EU, ECB, IMF) doesn’t understand the Greek economy’? (see right) [h/t Felix Salmon]

As for the rest of us: Branko Milanovic draws three depressing lessons from the Greek debt negotiations (he’s not joking; they are depressing) [h/t Sophia Murphy]

Greece's Finance Minister cancelling Germany's debt 1953

Greece’s Finance Minister cancelling Germany’s debt 1953

And let’s not forget that Europe cancelled Germany’s debt in 1953 and why it should apply to Greece today [h/t Alex Evans]

Some Oxfam business:

Best job in Oxfam (apart from mine). Oxfam GB looking for new Head of Research (closing date 30 July)

Calling all UK measurement wonks. ‘Adaptive Programming’ – how to measure impact? 16th July 2-5pm, hear from me, but also some clever people like Pete Vowles

Modern day Opium Wars: How the US chamber of commerce fights anti-smoking measures around the world.  [h/t Erik Solheim]

China’s foreign aid reform and implications for Africa. Fascinating (if long) piece from Yun Sun of the Brookings Institution

Owen Barders guide to picking FFD dollars off the pavement in Addis

Delightful, on so many levels. CNN’s most embarrassing flub ever? The ISIS dildo gay pride flag, explainedCNN ISIS gay pride

Why is the World Bank cutting funding for agricultural research (CGIAR) and other global public goods? Nancy Birdsall is cross

Nice 7 minute explainer on aid in general, and UK aid in particular, from Matt Collins – worth it despite the annoyingly crass interviewer

July 6, 2015
Duncan Green