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June 29, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

It was a maptastic week (click maps to expand): First up, the number one reason people die early, by country (plus a top tweeted responselost years of life by country

from RJ Chilvers: ‘surprise is Saudi Arabia’s leading cause is road accidents. I think they need more women drivers…’)


Dear governments & aid agencies: Please stop hurting poor people with your skills training programs. Vintage Blattman

causes of disability


Causes of disability by country type: back pain (rich countries); depression (poor countries); anaemia (fragile and conflict states)


Must read, especially for secular activists/aid types. ‘Will the left ever get religion?‘ by Mike Edwards


And some happy maps on African progress, including Child mortality. From uber-visualizer Max RoserAfrica-Child-Mortality-in-1990-and-2012_Max-Roser


In 1979, homosexuality was still classified as an illness in Sweden. Protesters called in sick to work, claiming they felt gay.

MPI 2015


The new Global Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index is out, covering 101 developing countries


Litigation avalanche on the way? A judge in the Hague has ruled that the Dutch government’s stance on climate change is illegal


Excellent 3 minute animation on climate change & public health, from The Lancet [h/t Andy Norton]

June 29, 2015
Duncan Green